Step Up Steve Campaign

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PNNM EF's Billboards appearing across Southern New Mexico, 2017-2018

As New Mexicans, we value clean air, affordable renewable energy, and protected public lands where we can fish, hunt, hike and/or spend time with our families and friends. Working to protect these elements of life in New Mexico is not only good for our well-being but is also good for our economy.

But US Rep. Steve Pearce consistently votes to undermine these values.

So we teamed up with non-profit partners including the Hispanic Access Foundation, Vet Voice, NM Wildlife Federation & OLÈ  so demand that Pearce “step up” and chart a different course, by:

  • • Stop trying to shrink Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.
  • • Support full funding and permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
  • • Work to ensure our land managers have the resources they need to be good stewards of our public lands.
  • • Oppose legislation that would sell off or transfer our public lands to states or otherwise reduce or remove public lands protections.
  • • Work to support protection of the public lands in New Mexico and across the nation.
  • • Work to promote and drive down the cost of renewable energy, reduce our nation’s carbon emissions, and help America become a renewable energy leader.

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