‘Put NM First’ Campaign

As New Mexicans, we value clean air, affordable renewable energy, and protected public lands where we can fish, hunt, hike and/or spend time with our families and friends. But Governor Martinez is putting polluters and profits over our public lands and values. In 2016, we launched the “Put NM First” campaign to bring attention to Governor Martinez’s record on public lands and our environment. See more at twitter.com/putnmfirst

Under @Gov_Martinez not everyone has to play by the rules. @thenewmexican #PutNMFirst https://t.co/gfnxxTruz4 pic.twitter.com/TOkfAKF47S— putNMfirst (@putNMfirst) September 23, 2016

2015: a bizman supported bill to close streams/rivers to public so he could charge $ to fish our streams #PutNMFirst pic.twitter.com/SiqTCc0j0l— putNMfirst (@putNMfirst) September 16, 2016

When a company in Carlsbad caused a sinkhole, they just closed.